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Wether you currently own or even before buying a waterfront home, get the bulkhead, seawall or dock inspected! Undermining, caused by natural erosion (tidal flows, currents and land-sided water introductions) or "man-induced" erosion, bug infestations and hydrostatic pressures (lack of management, poor drainage design, leaks from pools or extra-heavy precipitation) all can cause seawall failure on lake, river or ocean/bay construction assemblies. Poor original construction can also lead to premature failure. The above afflictions, as well as marine organisms, corrosion and soil pH can damage marine structures in ways that are not evident to the average home inspectors. Though they are often an overlooked system during a home inspection on waterfront properties, or purposely omitted because of the inspector's lack of expertise, training or in-water skills, marine structures certainly affect the property's value.

Early discovery of failing conditions (that often are not readily apparent) can mean the difference between moderate-cost repairs and the major expense of complete reconstruction by a marine contractor. 

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Hidden Dangers
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Your property is at risk if your seawall is degraded and unstable.Watch for the signs that your sea wall is in need of attention to avoid having your waterfront property slide into the sea. If your concrete seawall needs to be replaced, you will be surprised at how quick and affordable a seawall repair can be.
Sea wall tie-backs are a common source of failure. Additionally, the methods for anchoring sea walls and bulkheads in the Florida area have changed quite a bit over the years. If you notice that your sea wall tie-backs are degraded or your sea wall is bowing or leaning, you should consider updating this critical component.
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As a single-source contractor, Max Dock and Seawall LLC. has been providing quality residential, commercial and marine construction for homeowners, investors and marinas for over 20 years.  These key advantages provide assurance that whatever your project needs are Max Dock and Seawall LLC. will complete your project on time and with the highest standards in the industry.
The installation of the pilings of a dock is the most vitally important part of the process because, unless they are placed properly, the dock will not last. As experienced dock builders in Florida, we will examine your property carefully to determine the placement of the pilings. Our employees are trained to identify crucial factors that may have an effect on the pilings such as water depth and the bottom of the waterway when they come visit your property. After the assessment, we will install the pilings correctly with the proper equipmen

If you wish to use your boat at night we can install lights in and out of the water-- making it safer for you when getting on the boat and docking.
Proper Installation
Installing boat bumpers are useful in preventing damage to your boat from the dock and boat cleats will allow you to secure your boat to the dock with ease. If you are worried about the sun fading the color of your boat have us install a canopy to protect it from the harsh UV rays of the Florida sun. We are not just dock builders in Port Orange, New Smyrna,  and Flagler areas we are boat owners too. We understand the importance of protecting your boat and we can install a wide variety of accessories to help do that.

Durable Seawalls Prevent Waterfront Property Loss
The seawall cap is the most critical component of the seawall structure. This is because it is the piece that holds the seawall together. Be certain to look for the signs of failure for this  element to determine when to take action to protect your property. Cracks and exposed rebar require immediate attention and sea wall repair.

Rip-rap is a funny sounding name but has a very serious job. Rip-rap is the pile of stones placed at the bottom of the seawall or bulkhead to stabilize its position. It helps keep the strong Florida gulf currents from undermining the integrity of the sea wall.

  We have seen the damage of gribble worms and wood borers in every depth and right at the sand line. This damage can only be seen by divers and with the proper equipment. 

Pilings must be inspected, repaired, and protected. If you don't already have polyethylene wrapping on your pilings, it is highly recommended.

How do we effectively protect your waterfront investment? First, we clean and inspect your pilings throughout the water’s depth.

Let us Inspect, Clean, and Wrap your Dock Poles Throughout the Waters Depth
Save your dock and your investment.
  Why do we do this? Because we witnessed the destruction that marine wood borers have caused within water’s depths, not just at the tidal range, as many misinformed marine contractors and dock owners believe. Whether the depth is 2 feet or 20, we have seen destruction by these marine pests at all different levels

We wrap pilings all the way down into the sand line. This is very important to seal out the oxygen and water what this nasty animals need.